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By donating to Oklahoma Performing Arts you securing the future of the Arts not only in our great state of Oklahoma but across the country. Your support develops and empowers our members with the skills to encourage and inspire so many for years to come.

Donation Levels
Develop the Future:  $5,001 or more
Empower the Future:  $5000 to $1001
Encourage the Future:  $1000 to $501
Inspire the Future:  $500 to $101
Strengthen the Future: $100 to $51
Support the Future: $50 to $10

Wish List:
Tumbling mats, fabric, wedding gowns, sound equipment, video equipment, pianos, violins, guitars, cellos, violas,  paper, ink, postage, mirrors, barres, flooring, dry wall, paint, casters

Become a C.A.S.T. (Children of Arts Support Team) Member

  •  Management
  •  Set/Security Crew
  •  Wranglers/Performer Hospitality
  •  Wardrobe
  •  Photography/Videography
  •  House/Public Information

Becoming a member of C.A.S.T. is simple. The membership fee is $10 per season and part of the enrollment fee. If you do not have a student involved in OPA you may simply pay the $10 membership fee and fill out the C.A.S.T. membership form. For further information regarding C.A.S.T. please feel free to call OPA.

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