Upcoming Workshops and Events

Get Sm’Art week:

January 8th thru 13th

Experience the difference at Oklahoma Performing Arts. Your budding performing can try out any classes during this week for no charge. ANY CLASSES: Voice, guitar, ballet, acting and beyond. For more information on class times please contact us by phone or email.

Upcoming Audition:

January 15th and 16th 7pm

Be prepared to set sail on the Spanish Main, with sword fighting, cannon barrages and some real life historical characters in the Queen of the High Seas. Andrea is exiled to the new world but her ship is caught in a hurricane and she is stranded on a small island. She runs into Calico Jack Rackum a noted pirate in history. He was famous for having not one but two women on his crew that fought along his band of cutthroats. Twists and turns about as Andrea joins them, but yearns to return to her home.

The ensemble cast is 15+, open for children and adults with multiple speaking roles.

Audition Dates are January 15 and 16th 7pm @ Oklahoma Performing Art in Broken Arrow located at 81st and Elm



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