Hands-on Arts Performance Programs for the Youth (est. 1999)

H.A.P.P.Y. provides two different hands-on arts programs for the youth:

iExperience – 

The objective of this program is to expose and spark the interest of children ages 4 to 10, generally divided into two groups, ages 4 to 6 and 7 to 10. Within roughly a two-hour period of time children will experience Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Musical Theatre. Their exposure to these disciplines is delivered by senior members of  Tulsa Youth Ballet and assisted by the younger members. The program is delivered by children for children, giving concrete visual support, that they too, are able to conquer this new experience. Each station lasts roughly 15 to 20 minutes. The children are given a brief history of their discipline along with the proper procedures used to “warm-up”. They are then given a combination. The material learned is presented in a bright, exciting  fun package.  As these young minds travel from one discipline to the next, they develop a small sampling of each. Their mini-repertoire is presented to an audience of leaders, parents, peers and others. After their performance the Company of Tulsa Youth Ballet present a performance for their new found friends.

Movestory –

Children ages 8 to 14  receive a hands-on opportunity to explore the history of dance. Within a three-hour period, children experience a sampling of the many disciplines of dance from ballet to hip-hop. Much like the iExperience but, designed for older children. Longer explanations of the history and the reasoning behind the movements, more terminology is given with greater combination lengths. The TYB students guide the children, as the director delivers the presentation, leading them through the various physical stages of history and back to the present. Ballet and the story behind the French terminology, Tap and its origins from the vaudeville days; Swing, with its “Lindy Hop”; Jazz, America’s true treasure, right through to the moves that grace  our theatres today. The participators will plie, tendu, shuffle, stretch, isolate, “boogie back” and learn the excitement of dance for two hours and then close by presenting their newly obtained skills to their leaders, friends, peers and others. After which they watch TYB deliver completed selections and works in progress. They, the participants will even have an opportunity to ask their peers what it is like to be actively involved in the arts.


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